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From performance to look, equestrian show riding is known for its supreme elegance and style. Therefore, it is necessary to look the part with nothing less than the utmost in custom equestrian clothing and riding apparel.

Brother’s Tailors offers show performance apparel that rivals the competition. In fact, most equestrian wear designers do not provide custom apparel. The rider, then, must get his or her clothing tailored, which never truly fits to the body the same as if it were custom-made from the very first stitch.
Our master European tailors provide men’s and women’s show apparel of shirts, jackets and trousers. Each piece of clothing is hand-crafted according to the numerous measurements taking from the client. This ensures a uniquely exception fit every time. Next, material selections are made. Fabrics used for equestrian wear are personally selected from the finest European mills, such as Loro Piana, Zegna and Barberis.

However, with custom, it does not stop at the traditional jackets, shirts and trousers. Make your show attire your own with a monogram or choose from our numerous pocket, sleeve and cuff designs. Bottom line: Stand out stylishly in and out of the ring with custom equestrian show apparel from Brother’s Tailors.


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