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The Dapper 8

Eight Guys Together Create One Brand

Trend: Phoenix Millennial Men Embracing Custom Design. Change in Trend: Men in Phoenix haven't always known to be fashion forward. Celebrity Influences: Adam Levine, Usher, David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, Jay-Z Style Trends: Color blocking, window pane, patterns in conflict, custom linings

The Dapper 8 is a collection of eight elite, distinguished, reputable, handsome men right here in the Valley that understand the importance of dressing the part. It’s a story of 7 Real Estate professionals and their tailor. Human beings are vain creatures and the clothes that we wear create a subconscious impression about whom you interact with and do business.

Whether it’s a client, co-worker, or someone walking past you at the grocery store. Your appearance MATTERS. The way you look is proportionate to how people treat you and is a reflection of how your career is going.

The Dapper 8 came together because each fellow in the group is a top producing, overachieving, rock star in their respective jobs. Every person in this group has a unique style. Brian, Peter & Teddy have an eclectic, youthful, gregarious appearance. Colors and patterns don’t scare them whatsoever. Their style emulates their personalities. John, Ryan, David, & Jeremy have a subtlety sophisticated style. They understand their clientele and dress in a manner that would make them appear professional but yet approachable. No matter what occupation everyone needs a blue suit. It’s the FIRST suit any gentleman should buy for their wardrobe. It is unbelievable how many variations of blue that there are. Notice in the photo that even though everyone is wearing blue, each gentleman looks unique entirely distinctive.

The idea here is that even though everyone is wearing navy, each member of the crew has their own style. That style is representing who you are without saying anything. It lets your presentation scream without any words. Clothing is a form of expression, and you should express yourself through your wardrobe. What’s the best place in town to facilitate this process? Brothers Tailors on Tatum.

The Dapper 8:

Brian Peitz – Chicago Title John Karas – The Karas Group (real estate agent) Peter Zistas – Brothers Tailors Ryan Madrid – VIP Mortgage Jon Tobias – Fairway Mortgage Jeremy Brown – Scottsdale Real Estate Teddy Shonka – Luxury Real Estate & Investments David Newman – Russ Lyons/ Sotheby’s International Reality

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