Brothers Tailors men’s custom dress shirts of Phoenix and Scottsdale give you a je ne sais quoi like no other man. Each custom shirt’s pattern, styling and materials are entirely customized to you, reflecting your individuality to others.

The process is called made-to-measure, meaning you select from many styles for the shirt’s collar, cuffs, buttons, and shaping among other styles. Brother’s Tailors offers unparalleled flexibility in custom shirt styling and fit not found anywhere else in the Arizona.

We offer over 350 fabrics including everything from 100% Sea Island & Egyptian cotton 2-plys to intricate Dobby and Jacquards showcasing the latest fashion trends. New fabrics are released regularly to ensure your wardrobe is always fashionably up-to-date.


Cotton/Poly and microfiber complete any fine fabric selection.

Whether you’re looking to outfit for that special occasion or just looking for the best custom shirt you’ll ever wear; our many options of custom made dress shirts will ensure you look and feel great every time.


Why should purchase a custom shirt?


Custom shirts are great because the customer isn’t limited to what’s available off the rack. By taking over 20 measurements we strive to make you your favorite shirt. It's all about balance. If the shoulders are right and the neck fits appropriately the rest of the shirt can be made to individual fit preferences.  


Convenience. Once the customer has approved the fit of the shirt one never has to worry about alterations again. Shirts can be ordered in person, through an email, over facetime, etc.   Design. Our clothiers all have a background in design. This allows us to design shirts that are ideal for each individual. If you have an outgoing eclectic personality you style should follow suit. Additionally picking out colors, collars, cuffs, accessories, allows us to create a shirt that once again is most flattering on the client.  


How long does it take?


3-5 weeks


If i lose weight can the shirt be adjusted?


Generally one can salvage the garments if they loose up to 20-25 lbs.

How much does it cost?


Introductory fabrics start @$125 Everything else $150 & up!


How many fabrics are available?


Literally thousands of fabrics are available and new swatches come almost monthly.

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