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Are there multiple locations & are they under the same ownership? 

The answer is NO. This store is located on the NE corner of Tatum & Thunderbird.  Although they have the same name they are two entirely different entities.  It’s called Brothers Tailors because one brother owns one store and another brother owns the other. However they are independently owned and operated. Same name but different stores! 

Do I need an appointment for custom clothing? 

Yes, because our Master Clothiers need to dedicate their undivided attention to the client they are fitting. Custom clothing requires very detailed work and proper time and attention must be given. Also, our staff gets very busy and therefore might not be available to conduct a consultation if a client walks in.


Do I need an appointment for Ready-to-Wear clothing? 

No, not necessarily. You are welcome any time!  Our store is open Monday through Friday 10:00AM to 5:00PM & Saturdays from 10:00AM to 5:00PM. However, if you’ve worked with someone in the past and had a great experience it’s best to schedule a time with that clothier to ensure they are available. 


How fast can I have a suit tailored?  

We have about 100- ready-to-wear suits inside the store that can be tailored in a matter of hours or sometimes, even minutes.  We also have 9 expert on-site tailors that can do alterations immediately, if necessary. In many cases our suits fit so well that alterations can be done while you wait. 


How long does it take to make a custom suit? 

A custom suit takes anywhere from 3-6 weeks to construct depending on a multitude of variables. In special cases we can make a suit in 1 week. Bespoke suits can take up to 2 weeks depending on how many fittings are necessary. 


Do you offer Bespoke & Made-to Measure?

Yes we offer both.

What’s the difference? 

- Made-to-Measure : is the 21st century’s way of making a customer suit. You get to select your cloth, lining, & style but the pattern starts from an existing templet that is then adjusted to fit the customer as close to perfectly as possible. Its generally about 80% machine made. 


- Bespoke : The pattern is created by a master cutter that has many years of experience. The pattern is made to fit the individual in perfect harmony and balance. Each Bespoke suit takes approximately 40-60 man hours to produce. The suit is made about 80% by hand and includes features like hand made Milanese buttons holes, sleeves attached by hand, and real working buttons holes. There is an innumerable amount of ways a bespoke pattern can be manipulated to achieve a perfect fit that has perfect balance. Sometimes 3 & 4 fittings are necessary. Bespoke is the highest level of tailoring the earth has to offer. 


How long does it take to make a custom shirt & how much does it cost? 

Custom shirts generally take 3-5 weeks. They can sometimes take longer depending on a multitude of variables. In special cases shirts can be rushed and delivered within one week (Rush Fees apply). Custom shirts range from $150 & go up from there. (There is a huge selection for  $150, most are made at this price point). After the initial order we generally ask our customers to order shirts in groups of 3 to 4.


How long do alterations take? 

We generally ask for one week for alterations. However, multiple fittings can be required in which case additional time may be necessary. Rush orders will be treated on a case-by- case basis.


Do we alter female garments? 

Yes we do! We have an outstanding master seamstress that has over 40 years of experience tailoring women’s clothing.


How much will it cost to alter my dress?!?!?

It depends. You would get the same answer if you called your mechanic and asked “how much would it cost to fix my car?”  The mechanic would need to see the car in person to better understand what is wrong and how much labor it will require to fix it. The same applies to tailoring dresses and women’s clothing in general. There are just too many variables in women’s clothing. For this reason, we can only give quotes in person after doing a consultation.

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