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should command authority for the man who wears it. As a man, the experience of getting a made-to-measure suit is one that few other experiences exceed.

Brothers Tailors of Phoenix and Scottsdale has you envision the perfect men’s custom suit for your wardrobe that is truly one-of-a-kind. Our master tailors then painstakingly craft the garment to your body’ s every contour.

Each garment is made to your unique measurements and specifications. Select from hundreds of the most fashionable patterns and the highest quality fabrics from the top mills in the world. Next, choose suit specifications like working button holes, lapels, pleats or plain-front, and many others. The material, design and specifications uniquely set you apart from others and have you look a gentleman par excellence.

A custom men’s suit is the ultimate piece of clothing in menswear. Experience the luxury that getting a unique piece of clothing brings and live a life of distinction that a custom suit offers every time you wear it.


Why choose a custom (made-to-measure) suit?


The is no substitute for a suit that is designed to fit you only. Each body is like a fingerprint. Here at Brothers Tailors we believe in two time tested principles.


1. A man looks handsome in a suit.

2. A women beautiful in a dress.




In order to accomplish this a man’s suit must drape the body flawlessly. We as clothiers are able to diagnose your body type, your lifestyle, and fit preferences in order to make a garment that is balanced. A custom suit has one objective; To make a man look elegant while never sacrificing comfort. A tailored suit should be a balance between comfort and elegance. By measuring every detail of the client we can best accomplish this.




When the Clothier diagnoses your body and has measurements on file this process becomes very convenient. All the measurements are stored and saved. Once the pattern is perfected for the client measurements are never needed again pending body type staying the same.


Intrinsic Value

The construction quality of our custom suits is top of the line. Meaning you can expect a suit to last for legitimately 15-20 years.


Customer service


We strive to offer the Ritz Carlton experience of custom clothing. When becoming a made-to-measure client you can expect unrivaled service. One of our clothiers can come to your place of residence or hotel. Conversely, we have a retail store that’s been in the same location for over 20 years. This offers peace of mind of an award winning brick & mortar store as well as the convenience of a  personal haberdasher.


What is the cost?


Our MTM program starts at $995 and goes up depending on fabric quality.


How long does it take?


MTM can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks.


What fabrics are available?


Options for fabrics are endless. One mill alone has twelve thousand swatches. We actively carry 8 mills right now so our access to fabrics is unrivaled.


What if my weight fluctuates?


The beautiful thing about a custom suit is a term called “seam tolerance.” Seam tolerance refers to the amount of extra fabric is left inside the suit in order to leave room for adjustments during the longevity of the garment. Generally speaking a suit can be altered within approximately 15-25lbs in each direction. The most important thing on a suit is fitting the shoulders correctly. If the shoulders are right the suit can be altered drastically in each direction.  


How long does it last?


You can expect a tailor made suit to last 15-20 years.


What is involved with the process?


MTM- requires usually 1 or 2 fittings and garments can be delivered usually within a 4-6 weeks timeframe.



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