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The Western Shirt will always be in style. Celebrities, cowboys, and everyone in between can be seen wearing one. At its core, a western shirt’s make and feel, right down to each shirt’s unique breast pocket or V-yoked design carry with it an essence that is truly American.

Brothers Tailors of Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ creates truly original custom western shirts. The process of customizing a shirt is like fitting a shirt to the wearer’s personality and taste. Shirts are crafted precisely to the wearer’s specifications, right down to each minute detail in the shirt. This means that the style, color, material and size are each selected from our large array of styles and materials from the best mills in the United States, and then are customized for an original western shirt every time.

Each custom western shirt is not ready until it comes back and fits perfectly. Every western shirt is uniquely crafted as an all-American shirt. With any western wear suit or shirt, Brother’s Tailors always provides exquisite quality, the utmost care, and friendly service whenever you come in to our store for a western shirt.

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