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Erin Troy - Stylist & Clothier

Erin Troy moved to Flagstaff, Arizona from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She studied business management at Northern Arizona University and then moved to Scottsdale and proceeded to work in the financial industry. She got her break in men’s fashion in 2014, learning the basics at becoming a stylist and designer and was then offered a full-time position in 2015 at Brothers Tailors. With her experience, her passion for fashion, and an engaging personality it has been a great transition and she couldn’t be happier. Erin has a very unique style and encourages her clients to try new and creative looks. In her free time, Erin loves to practice horse archery with her mom; together they make up part of the Desert Warriors of the Southwest Mounted Archery Team. Erin also has an interest in music and social and charity events. She loves being a part of events that are fun and have a positive effect on the community.  

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