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Gus Zistas - Owner & Master Tailer 

Gus is the owner and founder of Brothers Tailors and a certified Master Tailor by The Savile Row Academy. He, along with his wife, Margarita founded Brothers Tailors in 1994, within two years of moving to America. 


Gus learned the artisan craft of tailoring in Greece, his home country. Tailoring has always been in the blood of the Zistas family; Gus is the third generation of tailors. He was formally taught how to design patterns and construct garments by a renowned master. His skills developed over time and so did his reputation for garment making. Soon he was making garments for local officials and dignitaries. His work was sought after because of his excellent technical skills and his gifted ability to tailor. 


Gus and Margarita came to America with a dream to open up their tailor shop and did so as soon as they could. The humble store grew steadily overtime. Known for being the only good tailoring institution in town, Brothers Tailors developed a reputation for quality work. Over the years their reputation grew organically by satisfying customers the old-fashioned way, with personalized service and quality work. The entire store is predicated around Gus’s technical knowledge and skill of tailoring. Gus personally trains each tailor that works at Brothers Tailors and teaches them his tried and true methods. Every garment that leaves the store has Gus’s genius in its DNA. This is the fundamental reason why Brothers Tailors is an award winning clothing institution: Best of Phoenix “Custom Tailors” for a total of 7 years and by Esquire Magazine as one of “The Best Tailors in the World.” 


Perhaps the greatest asset of a CEO isn’t his technical skills but rather his visionary foresight and constant ability to change. Gus is a big believer in being a lifelong learner. His long career in menswear has taught him that fashion and clothing always evolve. And, in order to be successful, you must evolve with it. This is why Gus recently apprenticed overseas on Savile Row. He learned from Ultra Bespoke Tailor Andrew Ramroop, OBE and attended his class “The Savile Row Academy.” Savile Row is the pinnacle of Bespoke Tailoring in the world. In 2016, Gus decided to refine his skills to an even higher level because of this prestigious institution. He is constantly trying to innovate and acquire new skills for the purpose of exceeding peoples’ expectations and giving them the best possible clothing experience. 

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