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Western wear suits are uniquely set apart from the common men’s suit. Its distinct pocket placement, lapel styles, and V-yoke fronts make these suits truly American.

Brothers Tailors is one of the only clothiers in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona to craft custom western suits. We offer any western suit style you can dream up: single or double breasted, jean style pockets, narrow peak lapels, V-yoked shoulders and many more. Next, choose from hundreds of fabrics and styles from only the best mills right here in the U.S.

For a western suit, the process is extensively custom. Each suit is uniquely tailored to every inch of the wearer’s body. Thus, the first step is taking measurements of the wearer in-store. The western suit styles and materials are picked out. When the suit is ready after about 3 to 4 weeks, the wearer comes in for a fitting. We guarantee a perfect fitting, so if the suit is not perfect then alterations are made so that with a custom western shirt, the suit feels completely natural.
Getting a western wear suit custom-made is a must-have experience for any cowboy in Phoenix. Since we are in the southwest, there could not be a better place to wear it.



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