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Brothers Tailors talks with local radio station, 91.5 KJZZ

Brothers Tailors Gus and Peter Zistas

In early January, Gus and Peter Zistas had the opportunity to speak with KJZZ reporter, Christina Estes about the men's fashion industry, the history of Brothers Tailors and what it means to wear a custom suit.

Excerpts from the broadcast interview:

The world renowned Savile Row Academy in London, England. A 400 year old institution that has housed master tailors who've created handmade suits for Winston Churchill, Fred Astaire and Elton John. It is also the place Gus Zistas studied to become a master tailor.

The Father and Son relationship in the Brothers Tailors business. The positive looks and feelings of having a custom made clothing based on ones body shape vs. something "off the rack".

The term "Bespoke" and the true meaning to custom clothing, before being used by other industries.

Listen to Gus and Peter in the full interview No Better Pleasure' For Phoenix Tailors Than Suits Made From Scratch KJZZ here.


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